Do I need an hdmi cable for turtle beach headsets

Comments Shares It’s November, which is the best time of year to grab a deal on the best PS4 headsets. We’ve got Black Friday at the end of the month, and because every online retailer is looking to offer you the best prices on headsets for PS4, the sales start earlier and earlier. The likes of Razer , Turtle Beach and Logitech all tend to cut prices on their best PS4 headsets around November too, so they’re always some of the best savings you can find on places like Amazon. But enough deal talk! What actually makes for a good gaming headset? Firstly, is the headset actually compatible with PS4?

Compatible Headsets & Solutions

Rss channel How to hook up wired turtle beach headset ps3 It was the first platform to bring together the community of gamers with the PlayStation Network. And it set up solid base for the next-gen PS4 which has bfach synonymous with video games lately. But a lot of people still use PS3 and have no immediate plans of upgrading, given the amount they invested in PS3. So we did headsdt grunt work for you and found the 10 best gaming hadset for PS3. These can easily balance compatibility, comfort, audio and budget.

Hook up your headphones to the x via USB, this provides power for the headphones. Now, connect the green X12 connection to an Xbox Audio Adapter connected to your system via the red/white. Alternatively, you can connect the green cable to your TV headhones/audio out port (make sure the TV’s setting have the audio outputted to these.

If you already know, skip ahead to the next section. Launch Version This is the back of the launch version of the Xbox Refresh Version This is the back of the refreshed version. Here are the options available, from best picture quality to worst. As well as p video, the HDMI connection can also transfer audio. This type of cable is usually used for computer monitors, but can also be used for the Compatible with all s: Component cables for the also contain component plugs, making for six plugs in total: Three for the component video, one for composite video, and two for audio.

This is the worst analog video connection, and is only capable of SD performance. It should be used only if every other method is not available. This digital cable can be used for high quality surround sound, e.


Everyone has differing opinions on virtual surround sound, but high quality headsets can produce some fantastic audio effects which really enhance your gaming. The Turtle Beach EarForce PX4 Headset that we are reviewing today works on not just the advertised PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 though, I have tested it across the Xbox One, and the PC and it works just as well on all of them, it is very versatile for those of us who have multiple gaming systems. Depending on how you run sound from your console, you may need to adjust some settings on your machine to get the audio to come out.

Nov 01,  · I also love the Bluetooth function to hook up to my phone and listen to music or quickly take a phone call. I also like the wireless feature to connect to the Xbox chat via the XBA Bluetooth adapter which is not offered by the PX5.

They aspire to be the go-to brand for headsets of the upper-class professional gamer with this headset and its accessories. They retain some coolness, and somehow seem to keep cool through extended use. The outer bits are leather, while the parts that actually rests against the sides of your head are cloth. The pads on these headphones are beyond your everyday headgear cushion comfort. Regardless, this pair of headphones sits extremely comfortably on my head, as well as the heads of all the members of my immediate family, large and small.

Adding to the comfort, for me, is the glasses system this headset works with. I need those glasses, mind you — so a system like this is a real relief, to be sure. The headset on its own sounds as well as can be expected. You will not have to worry about an opponent sneaking up behind you in the game for lack of sound. This accessory should be used by those that like a physical audio levels controller — specifically those that want granular control over how high their chat is with teammates, and how that chat is mixed with gameplay sounds.

Verdict This headset is our new favorite.

Turtle Beach Announces DX11 Channel Gaming Headset

Hardware The headset is draped in white and black down to the detachable braided cables — a color scheme we’re not in love with. In fact, we felt slightly embarrassed to wear it outside. Upon unboxing the unit, you’ll find the headset, Audio Control Unit and Console Interface, obviously, as well as various cables for hookup.

Nov 16,  · Turtle Beach headsets Hi, I have three boys that want the Turtle Beach headsets for Christmas. Is it possible to use ALL three sets at the same time if I have two consoles or do they just work one set at a time with whom ever is playing.

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Top 10 Best PS3 Headsets

Xbox One, Xbox and PC. To get the most from your headset, please take a few moments to review this introduction. Xbox One Consoles Setup and Connections: The adapter places game volume, chat volume and mic mute controls right where your thumbs can operate them.

Turtle beach’s latest range of wireless cans are a brilliant balance of sound quality and comfort. The lack of any cable is an immediate plus, but that practical feature doesn’t result in any.

I actually own these both headphones, G and Turtle Beach Tango. Testing both and trying to decide which one to keep. It’s more like enhanced stereo. I’m not sure why because there is no instruction on the manual how to use it with pc. But reading the manual from Turtle Beach PX5 that has similar receiver, to get surround sound it requires Dolby Digital Live to be installed. I’m still waiting confirmation from AsRock and Turtle Beach as to how to make this surround sound work on my pc.

I don’t have dedicated sound card, so my experience could be different to those who have sound car on their pc. Meanwhile, G works flawlessly and the 7. Even though it’s more like 7. Sound wise, Tango is better for listening to audio or movie, because of the 50mm driver while G only has 40mm driver on each cup. I hope Turtle Beach tech support will give me answer asap so I’ll know what to do.

XIM4 and wireless Headsets (PS4)

This is a classic headset and only the Turtle Beach logo hints at its decent capabilities. The ear cups are adjustable, so is the headband. The ear cups are covered with synthetic leather padding, so that the sweating during prolonged use is minimized. As for the mic, it is detachable, but it is a bit stiff.

May 12,  · I was looking at the Razor headsets yesterday and REALLY wish the Megadon was for the and not just for the PC, to have Dolby Digital Surround sound plus all the other stuff it has for $50 cheaper than the Turtle Beach X41 ($ on Amazon for the Razors).

There is no shortage of options, but there’s an obvious elephant in the room when choosing your perfect solution; the display on your head. This headset has been designed specifically for use with VR headsets and has some key design choices that should make the experience more comfortable. Starting with the obvious bits, this Stealth doesn’t look like most other Turtle Beach headsets. For one, it has been designed with a cutout in the cushioning on the headband to allow for any over the head cables.

It’s also wider compared to a regular headset or pair of headphones at the point where the cups meet your ears. This is to cater for side straps and the like and gives you that extra clearance rather than pinching everything to your head. The PlayStation VR doesn’t have as much going on round the top as other headsets, but the extra width definitely helps. I don’t think the top cutout makes much difference with the Gear VR strap, but if there was a cable there, it’d definitely be a comfort improvement.

The cups are covered with fabric — not sweaty leather or PVC — and padded with memory foam. If you’re wearing a headset for an extended period of time, memory foam is the way to go, and the Stealth VR is very comfortable despite the fairly small size. They’re just about over the ear fitting despite the fairly small size, and you get a good amount of adjustment both horizontally and vertically. Again, the Stealth VR is very comfortable.

More so than I was initially expecting.

Turtle Beach Stealth Headset Wireless for XBOX One

Actually picking a headset, though, is tricky business since they span a vast price range from the enticingly cheap to the heart-stoppingly expensive. A cheap, thin outer cardboard box houses a flimsy cardboard mould for the headset, so protection during transit is almost non-existent. Taking the headset out of the box the build quality is acceptable but hardly as impressive.

Dec 05,  · I want a Turtle Beach headset in the worst way, but haven’t had the money. They’re definitely the best headsets out there despite the pretty steep prices. if I do id definately hook em up.

Login to submit a review! Hardware The headset is draped in white and black down to the detachable braided cables — a color scheme we’re not in love with. In fact, we felt slightly embarrassed to wear it outside. Upon unboxing the unit, you’ll find the headset, Audio Control Unit and Console Interface, obviously, as well as various cables for hookup.

All told, you get a male-to-male 3. The headset is draped in white and black down to the detachable braided cables — a color scheme we’re not exactly in love with.

How To Set Up Stealth 600 & Stealth 700 for PS4