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Parent’s Blessing

The number of tourist arrivals is steadily increasing. There are some 50, hotel beds, up from 34, in After an absence of some years, Caribbean cruise ships are again calling at ports in the Dominican Republic.

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This is useful for anyone researching the culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and wanting to understand the people better. You may be going to the Dominican Republic on business, for a visit or even hosting colleagues or clients in your own country. Remember this is only a very basic level introduction and is not meant to stereotype all Dominican people you may meet! Facts and Statistics Location: Even though the people linked to the tourist trade generally speak English, knowing some Spanish is a great advantage.

It is important to point out that “Dominicanese” the local way of speaking Spanish, interspersed with Dominican elements is the everyday life experience of the peasant’s soul and wisdom, expressed with a rustic accent and with inland flavor.

Wedding Traditions of the Dominican Republic

Women uphold their cultural heritage dating back hundreds of years to colonial times, but are also quick to embrace 21st century practices. Family Traditions Mothers and daughters are very close beginning from childhood. Mothers supervise their daughters at all times in hopes of having them marry well someday. Women are expected to remain virgins until marriage, when they become part of their husband’s family.

Marriage Types Women can be married in a church, a civil ceremony or a common-law union often in the country , and the man always proposes.

Dominican Carnival. The Dominican Carnival is one of the most colorful and lively traditions of the Dominican Republic. Carnival is celebrated in all regions of the country, where costumes and masks with different meanings are used. On February 27, coinciding with National Independence, a Carnival parades takes place in main cities.

The luminous spectacle of ornate marbled and frescoed palaces, bell towers, and domes reflected in the sparkling waters of the lagoon under a blue Adriatic sky has been painted, photographed, and filmed to such an extent that it is difficult to distinguish the real city from its romantic representations. The visitor arriving in Venice is still transported into another world, one whose atmosphere and beauty remain incomparable.

The situation of the city on islands has limited modern suburban spread beyond the historic centre; its framework of canals and narrow streets has prevented the intrusion of automobiles; and its unmatched wealth of fine buildings and monuments dating from the period of commercial dominance has ensured a keen and almost universal desire for sensitive conservation. Gondolas participating in a historical regatta on the Grand Canal, Venice.

On the sandbanks are many small settlements, some of them centuries old. The best-known is the Lido itself, which has been a fashionable seaside resort since the 19th century.

Dominican republic culture essay

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Touch: Dominicans are much more conformable with physical contact than Americans, especially when considering this discrepancy among cans actually consider Americans cold because of their unwillingness to get close and touchy. It is also common to greet others with a kiss on the cheek.

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The culture of Dominican Republic is a diverse mixture of different influences from around the world. The Dominican people and their customs have origins consisting predominately in a European cultural basis, with both African and native Taíno influences.

The area is renowned for its raw coastline with iconic beaches and stretches of virgin rainforest set into the lush hillsides. Pristine and un-populated, with underground springs supplying abundant fresh water, Playa Grande is an alluring mix of sky, earth, and water. With origins dating back centuries, Hispaniola was first inhabited by the Taino Indians. The arrival of Columbus in marked the beginning of European presence in the Americas.

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Famous People From Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic makes up the eastern end of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The country neighbors Haiti, which makes up the western end of the island. Today the Dominican Republic is home to nearly 10 million people, the majority of whom are mulatto.

The Dominican Carnival is a multiform folkloric tradition given that each town has its different fiestas with their typical street dances and carnival characters, their own dances and musical accompaniment. Thus, the parades through the principal cities with a carnival tradition — like La Vega, Santiago and Santo Domingo — today have also become a very attractive event for thousands of local and international tourists.

The Dominican Carnival, as a live culture, still continues evolving in our days. Its history and its present can be told through a brief feature through the principal Carnival Cities. According to tradition, this character was a mischievous and playful demon that tried the patience of Satan himself; the latter threw him down to earth, during which he hurt a leg during the fall and he became lame. The horrific figure of the devil is present in all the Dominican provincial carnivals with endless variants and different names for example, in Salcedo and Bonao they are called Macaraos; in Santiago de los Caballeros, Lechones, etc.

La Vega Carnival also features other very famous street dances, like the Broncos, the Tiznados, the Enlodados, among others. The parades take place every Sunday in February. In Santiago, the main characters are the Lechones, divided into two principal antagonistic families, the Pepineros and the Joyeros. He has danced in all the big national events and for all the presidents of the Dominican Republic — he said in an interview — and even for U. The character of Roba-la-galllina, probably of Haitian origin, is found in all the provinces and municipalities of the Dominican Republic.

It is interpreted by a man dressed as a woman, with extremely large breasts and buttocks and wearing exaggerated makeup; he carries a backpack — where he supposedly hides the stolen hen — which he fills with sweets, begging in the grocery stores and other shops, to throw to the jubilant children, who follow him in procession through the street. He makes his stops on street corners, where he dances and takes the opportunity to collect money and gratuities for his presentation.

Culture of the Dominican Republic

First and foremost, I am Vanity Duran. The last name Duran comes from my great-grandfather who originally came from France before making his way to Spain and then settling in the Dominican Republic. He got married, had a family, and distributed his land among his children. They usually worked for other families and sometimes lived with them.

Feb 18,  · Dominican Republic MUSIC is primarily influenced by West African and European (mainly Spanish) traditions, with some minor native Taino influences. The Dominican Republic is mainly known for its merengue and bachata music, both of which are the most popular forms of music in the country. We recommend a fast internet connection for top app performance/5(6).

Although the origin of this tradition is uncertain, its influence is apparent. Hinduism Possibly the most ancient tradition, Hinduism is complex and not easily classified. It is an ideology of liberal attitude, tolerance, and patience, that is rooted in casteism and regionalism. Buddhism Originating in northern India from the teachings of Gautam Siddhartha, the Buddhism tradition has spread throughout the world in its years.

The title “Buddha” translates to “Awakened One”. This popular tradition has both monastic and non-monastic followers. Jainism An ancient ascetical tradition, Jainism is a tradition that also has monastic and non-monastic followers. Unlike Buddhism, Jains did not usually travel outside of India. Today there are approximately 4 million Jains, all except , are in India.

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