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If some do not load, click “Reload Page”. BUGS Semi-automatic telegraph keys – – – – – – – – – – These keys that made dots automatically were first patented in by Horace Martin to help operators send faster code with less effort. The instruments are in approximate chronological order: He has been able to reconstruct many of the dates of manufacture of the various models of Vibroplex keys which had been lost in the Vibroplex fire. To use this summary, first find the serial number on your Vibroplex. It will be stamped into the label on later models and into the damper or other parts on early models.

U. S. Patent Date List : Robinsons Antiques

Gillette Date Codes “How old is this razor? Sometimes patent dates are a help, but they give you the front end of the date scale, and not always too exactly. Some razor makers put serial numbers on their razors, but we don’t always have the key to how the serial numbers fit to dates of manufacture.

Numbering system – This area of the European Patent Office website is dedicated to services related to patent information from East Asian countries: Japan, China and Korea.

Typically the question presents specifically by a reader asking whether a recipe can be patented, or how one can patent a recipe. It is certainly possible to obtain a patent on a recipe or food item if there is a unique aspect, perhaps if there is something counter-intuitive or a problem such as shelf life or freshness is being addressed. The trick will be identifying a uniqueness that is not something one would typically think to try.

Team up with Enhance to bring your invention to life and get it to market! Can a Recipe Be Patented? Determining whether something is patentable requires analysis of several different patentability requirements: Is the invention patentable subject matter? Is the invention useful? Is the invention novel? Is the invention non-obvious? If the answer to all of these questions is yes then you have something that can be patented, provided of course you need to describe the invention in a patent application to satisfy the disclosure and description requirements of U.

Are recipes patentable subject matter? The section of the statute that governs patent eligibility from a subject matter standpoint is 35 U. Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title.

Dating Royal Doulton

History[ edit ] The company was originally called Min-X. Vonage went public on May 24, Vonage planned to get better terms by paying down debt ahead of schedule, and by achieving sustained financial performance. However, the existing customers who lost money filed a class-action lawsuit. All shareholder claims against Vonage and its individual directors and officers who were named as defendants were dismissed.

NOTE ON THE DATING OF VIBROPLEX BUGS: To use this summary, first find the serial number on your Vibroplex. Trade “VIBROPLEX” Mark, No , US PATENTS NO, NO, NO. NO.1,, NO.1,, THE VIBROPLEX COMPANY INC. Broadway,New York. From the Delaware and Hudson Railroad office in Whitehall, wear.

Dating Your Toaster Much confusion has arisen on eBay about when particular Radiant Control toasters were manufactured. Since information on this product line is sparse, some confusion is to be expected. Some contributing factors include: The last patent listed on toasters known to be manufactured in the ‘s and ‘s was issued in None of the Radiant Control toasters we’ve seen have polarized plugs.

Sunbeam stopped putting unique model numbers on these toasters in the ‘s even though there are at least three or four cosmetic variations that appeared after this date. Patent dates don’t have anything to do with manufacture date. Some people don’t realize that patents aren’t like copyrights. When you publish a book, the copyright date is the year in which it was written.

If you update the book and publish a second edition, the copyright will often include both years or a range of years. When you are issued a patent for an invention, the patent is good for many years and never changes.

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In , the US Patent Office opened for business. Makers of things great and small have seen fit over the years to obtain patents for their items or processes. The variety of objects patented is extraordinary –everything from machine motors to earring closures.

When a member of the service sights and interesting person in a vehicle, they can enter the license plate number or partial plate number if the entire number is not visible or other vehicle information into a webpage that can be accessed via cellular telephone or any computer on the internet. If the person in the vehicle is a member, various profile information can be presented including a photograph, interests, what that person wants dating, marriage, etc. This can all be done without revealing the name or actual identity of either person for safety.

Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to online dating systems and more particularly to a system and method for dating using vehicle license plate numbers to find interesting people. Description of the Prior Art There are numerous dating and social networking systems, services and webpages online that allow people to search for others for dating, marriage, correspondence or simply friendship. These prior art services however, require a person to first log onto a particular site, and then run a search.

Also, prior art systems do not allow actual visual contact with the person searched. Many times, people spot other interesting people that they might like to meet for friendship or dating in traffic. For example, a man might be stopped in traffic at a stop light next to a lady in a different vehicle. There is no way for the man to know if perhaps that woman is single and might be interested in meeting.

Sometimes people wave, signal or otherwise indicate interest; however, this can be inconvenient and possibly misunderstood by the other person. What is badly needed is a way that a person who spots another person of possible interest in a vehicle can check to see if that person is willing to be contacted, and then possibly contact them under the safety of a web service.

When a member of the service sights an interesting person in a vehicle, they can enter the license plate number or partial plate number if the entire number is not visible into a webpage that can be accessed via cellular telephone or any computer on the internet. A database keyed by license plate numbers and vehicle information can be accessed by a server computer to see if the person in the vehicle is a member.

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Leo Krussman joined Trifari in , and Carl Fishel joined as head of sales in Trifari vintage jewelry pieces from this era are extremely rare, as the mark was only used for several years. Alfred Philippe and Trifari Vintage Jewelry In Trifari hired Alfred Philippe as head designer, and that is when the company really began to take off. The designs he created for Trifari vintage jewelry have the style and glamour of fine jewelry and were very popular.

This began an era of Trifari dominance in the industry which lasted for many years.

For Forks, you may only find patent numbers. The general rule is to follow the handle colors below. Know that manufacturers will continue styles for for many years, so that past customers can order new products that will match the oringal order.

June 4, A Pepsi-Cola serving tray circa s My fascination with brand design started with the soda-pop realm. Because my father had a collection of Life magazines beginning with the first issue in and continuing through the World War II years, I had ample exposure to plenty of advertising from that era. Soft drink ads were plentiful and even before seeing or owning the actual bottles, I was aware of the label and packaging designs, and how the designs changed from year to year.

When I was a kid, my dad also gave me an old Coca-Cola bottle that helped trigger what ended up being an collecting obsession. After finding the vintage bottles in the Evanston garage, I set out to find examples of as many design and label variations as I could. Soon my surroundings looked like an advertising history warehouse. I stopped being a collector and transitioned into a curator. These were used between and You could still find these being used into the s.

Registered designs

Why use this guide? Printed copies of these specifications, where they exist, were created in the s following reforms to patent law. Where there were no specifications, the details of the grant recorded in the Patent Rolls were transcribed. These printed specifications and transcriptions are held by the British Library. This guide also tells you how to find other records relating to patents from the late 16th century onwards.

The specifications of inventions contain illustrations and information about the inventions themselves.

Gillette Blade Date Codes (and earlier lot systems) were imprinted on one side of the blade as a series of letters and/ or numbers, or on the cartridge. The blade system adopted in is still in use today, and was used on razors as well after

Note 37 CFR 1. However, matter canceled from the application file wrapper of a U. This is always true in the case of a reissue application and reexamination proceeding. Older files are housed in remote warehouses located in Maryland and Virginia. The examiner is informed that the request: A is accepted; B is accepted, but the file is located at a remote warehouse in which case delivery time is increased ; C is not accepted because the file is not located at the repository or warehouse; D is not accepted because a previous request for the file has not yet been filled; or E is not accepted because the patent or application number inputted is not valid.

Upon delivery of files at the various locations, Files Repository personnel also retrieve files that are ready to be returned to the repository. Patent and Trademark Office Office using only electronic media. As provided in 37 CFR 1. The information that is available to the public under 37 CFR 1. Where an unpublished abandoned application is identified or whose benefit is claimed in a U. See 37 CFR 1.

Gillette Date Codes

Development[ edit ] In the mid s Gibson looked to create a new guitar pickup different from existing popular single coil designs. Gibson had already developed the Charlie Christian pickup and P in the s and 40s; however, these designs—like competitor Fender’s single-coil pickups—were fraught with inherent cycle hum sound interference.

In June , Lover and Gibson filed a joint patent for the pickup design.

The serial number record data shows the sale date of a given serial number. Prior to inventory control was not optimized and finished clocks remained in company inventory for years. The dates above show the average sale date for a given serial number.

Not that kind of date. Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is? One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar—e. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar. First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about Rejoice if you find one of those; Buffalo jars are pretty rare.

Colt ACP Production Statistics and Serial Numbers

Once you have finished reading this, please vote at the bottom of this page. Please contact me for questions, corrections, or problems. Keep in mind that the dating codes are for internal company uses to help to determine the age of a knife and if free replacement or half price if abused or misused.

the name and address of the person registering the design (usually the manufacturer or retailer rather than the designer) the date of registration a brief description of what the design is (for example ‘printed fabric’ or ‘dinner plate’) There is a separate guide on diamond and trade marks.

The Willys MB JEEP The Willys MB jeep used a small aluminum or pot metal tag that was riveted with 2 rivets to the inside frame horn on the frame box reinforcement where the front most leaf spring shackle mounts. Ford jeeps did not have this ‘box’. The Willys Frame Tags came in two sizes. The Early style was small and only contained the serial. The Late style was larger and contained text as well as the serial. The later tags had “Jeep” stamped on them in addition to the serial number.

This tag is stamped with the serial number as “M B ” always 6 digits total after the MB. To locate the Willys tag, look on the inside of the left driver’s side frame rail frame horn just behind the bumper, on the frame box reinforcement where the front leaf spring shackle mounts to the front frame horn – you almost have to stick your head in between the radiator grill and the bumper and then turn your head to driver’s side to see the small tag riveted to the reinforcement plate that the leaf spring shackle attaches to.

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