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We like the dual voltage versatility, as well as the ample room for modification. This is a good choice for the casual DIY enthusiast, or the budget-minded shop worker responsible for light metalworking tasks. For people who need to cut only occasionally, the Lotos is a good way to get the benefits of a plasma cutter without the exorbitant price tag. It works on two voltages, or The versatility is a big plus on a budget cutter, since many plasma units only work on one voltage. Most other Asian-made machines at this price have pretty poor cooling system, so the PAPST unit in this really makes it stand out. It works even better on thinner metals, leaving surprisingly smooth edges.

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Took longer than I thought to get all the photos from Easter into the computer but here they are, a celebration of innocence and joy seeings how it took place on 4 20 and there were many and varied takes on the conjunction, but locally we did the usual: Pisgah, the roundtop between Eugene and points East, then descended to the pavilion at the bottom for potluck, another neat conjunction, this time of words.

Here, in the parking lot, Kit Kesey and son Hendrix in his bug proof backpack carryall, are ready for the climb. I was the straggler, lagging behind, and when we approached the top, the rest of the gang was coming down. Liz and Eileen encouraging me on. Here they come, Bill Thompson and his dog.

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An Aussie’s travels to air shows, aviation museums and related events around the world, with a bit of aerospace history along the way! In the 11 years the B Peacemaker was in service it was never used in combat. As World War Two progressed this requirement changed to bombing targets in the Pacific theatre but with the success of the Boeing B Superfortress the aircraft was more or less put on the back-burner. The prototype Peacemaker the XB was built in The giant single tyres were replaced by a 4 tyre configuration in production aircraft First flight of the XB on August 8th, In the XB dwarfed its predecessor the Boeing B Superfortress!

The B could carry the massive Mark 17 atomic bomb which was 6. Although found to be technically sound the hookup process was extremely difficult even for experienced test pilots yet alone in inclement weather. Note the special nose attachment for connecting to the GRB D. The project was cancelled in It shared the same wings, engines and some other airframe components. It was tested and used for research from to The crew consisted of the pilot, copilot, flight engineer and two nuclear engineers.

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Las Vegas Casting. Widely known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas casting opportunities are practically unlimited in a city that is famous for its huge number of casino-style luxury resorts presenting stage, dance and musical entertainment all year long.

With ADS-B, you get lots of goodies to accompany the new surveillance tool which, unfortunately, sits right atop, sometimes figuratively speaking, your aforementioned, old-school, still-required Mode C grinder. The unit is compatible with panel-mount, integrated or portable displays. ADS-B brings to the party two big things: You get most of the things you really want from the weather, the biggest of which is digital radar. There are weather reports and forecasts, winds aloft and visibility, plus lots more.

The traffic, on the other hand, is world-class, which is good, since the whole idea behind ADS-B is to reinvent surveillance which means knowing where other airplanes are.

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I fly Chinooks in Afghanistan and this headset is better than a David Clark. Noise reduction absolutely amazing Review: When you put the headsets and turn them on it’s like the rest of the world is gone. Noise reduction is really fabulous. I stoped having trouble of listening to the ATC, everybody can hear me.

Aug 08,  · Hi all; I am in the process of hooking up a brake controller on our 07 Pilot. Along with a brake wire, I am running a hot lead from the Pilot to the popup’s battery and was told I should have it so it only operates after the key is on, and it’s getting to volts input from the Pilot’s alternator Do I have to run this hot lead through a store-bought solenoid to accomplish this, or is.

Besides the fact that this car has a leaner body compared to others in the market, the fanciful ambience of the interior is equally something that cannot go unnoticed. It is not only larger to boost your comfort, but also the gas mileage is consequently superior. Blessed with a five speed manual transmission with an option of a four speed automatic one, the pick up speed of the Honda pilot is astoundingly unmatchable. Within few seconds of start, you will be able to achieve a greater acceleration.

You can search for adjectives to describe it but to no avail. It is sleeker, powerful and more fuel efficient and you and I should leave it at that. There are some problems which are not easily noticeable and the final result is embarrassment on your way to work. Imagine a situation whereby your car breaks down in the middle of highway. The obvious reason is madness reaction from other motorists. To avoid the same, the Honda pilot OBD reader monitors and controls the engine problems while also monitoring other accessories and chassis.

An emission of high amounts of smoke that makes other motorists confuse your vehicle with a smelting factory is easily controlled.

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The original goal of this project was to recreate a stereo system similar to the one I owned in college in the early 70’s and later sold when I needed the money after college. Visually, these systems were way superior to the black front, digital read-out systems of today. And these systems were loud – designed to play rock music of the era. Why Is Vintage Stereo Collectible?

By – Paul Thompson: My friend Mike* is a First Officer at a regional airline here in the ’s graciously agreed to answer some questions exclusively for Flight Club about being a pilot, as well as addressing some of the rumors that we hear as travelers about everything from sex to slowing your plane down on purpose.

We’re still upset about it, so we’re ranking all of David Lynch’s film work from worst to best. So of course it’s the film of his that I like the least, a meandering, excessive freakshow in which Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern’s Sailor and Lula are almost afterthoughts. But at least it has Willem Dafoe’s delightfully sleazy Bobby Peru. But when he tries too hard to make “a David Lynch film,” the results can verge on self-parody.

It’s hard to dislike the only Lynch film to feature spaceships and sandworms, but in retrospect Lynch was woefully mismatched with Frank Herbert’s sprawling sociopolitical epic. Fans of the canceled TV show were hoping this follow-up film would resolve some of the lingering questions left by the series’ abrupt cancelation.

Instead, Lynch made a prequel in which half of the show’s cast barely appears. If you can leave all that aside, the portion of the film focusing on the last days in the life of Laura Palmer is haunting. It’s pleasant, but doesn’t leave much of an impact.

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Then, think about how many of those feeds you use at once, and how much that total GPM would. We havent discovered any long-term issues or design flaws. A hugely important factor to consider is household size. Theres a built-in electric blower to help out with venting, too. The Rinnai has an unobtrusive display, but still gives you easy access to everything you need.

View Dave Rocke’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Dave has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dave’s connections Title: Owner, Pilot & Chief Bottle Washer.

I picked the EX-L because for the money it was the best value. Right in the middle of the model scale so to speak the EX-L comes with leather seats, power rear tailgate, sunroof and auto dimming rearview mirror. The car is very nicely appointed and the leather is really excellent quality, you can feel it. I am breaking it in so I don’t want to beat on the car but she seems to have plenty of power when she needs it. Cruising on the highway is very nice and the seats are very comfortable for long drives.

The Apple Carplay is a really great feature as you do not need the navigation or a separate GPS unit.

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If the information in this manual is tion, adjustment, alteration, ser- not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may This heater shall not be installed in a Due to high temperatures, the bedroom or bathroom. This heater needs fresh, outside air ven- of traffic and away from furniture tilation to run properly.

Includes the room in which you will install heater plus any adjoining rooms with doorless passageways or ventilation grills between the rooms.

Honda Pilot owners have reported 25 problems related to front air bag sensor control (under the air bag category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Pilot based on all problems reported for the Pilot.

Strong cable, easy to use in every way Cons: Depending on your cockpit, it could get away, just make sure you have a place to keep the wire hidden! I really really love the cable! I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and it’s still in tip top shape! Very strong cable, so I’ll never have to worry about it tearing or such.. One thing to keep in mind when you get this, make sure you have a case that will allow you to plug in the adapter!

It uses the same port as your charging port! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No 0 Other people found this review helpful. Loves my new toy: I got my Product in 2 weeks Philippines. Yes No 1 Other people found this review helpful.

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Light and durable and so easy to operate. Nothing to say ,its excellent Review: This headset is well worth it.

Pilot A amplifier (pulled from a console) and the Fisher 50b tuner, this pair sounds fantastic together. The Pilot is on loan to me from a friend. The Pilot is on loan to me from a friend. Project – record some classical albums to tape on this Reel to Reel tape deck from the 70’s.

I declined repair I can not afford this big amount because might part of the safety warranty, please help. This seems to be a very common problem on Honda Pilots and Hondas must recall and replace all sensors free of charge. Took the car to the mechanic and he analyzed the problem that the computer was not talking with the airbag system. No blown fuses no other issues noted with sensors other than failed airbag control computer unit.

In the meantime, a family member who works in the auto repair industry used his computer to pull the codes and diagnose the problem so we would know what Honda service should be telling us at the appointment. The vehicle is showing an error code of for the front impact airbag sensor on the passenger side. This vehicle has not been in an accident and there is no reason for the sudden malfunction.

Upon visual inspection of both front sensors, the yellow protective sheath has pulled back from the sensor, leaving the junction where the wires meet the sensor exposed low in the engine, and thus creates the potential for debris and weather to impact their performance. In doing research online, there are numerous Honda Pilot owners who are experiencing a similar problem with the airbag sensors and Honda is charging hundreds of dollars to fix a safety problem that seems to be widespread among this vehicle.

I believe that this should be investigated as a recall item because it is a huge safety issue if the airbag sensors will not allow airbags to deploy in an accident. Took it to the dealer and he said it needs to be replaced. There are too many documented incidents where the Honda Pilot is having this problem. Especially when there was no impact.

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