My Aspergers Child: Aspergers and Comorbid Bipolar

What is Asperger’s Syndrome? Asperger’s Syndrome aka Asperger’s disorder or AS is adevelopmental disorder commonly referred to as a mild form ofautism. Basically, the person who has Asperger’s is almost normal, but hasdifferent manifestations in different people. I know a person withAsperger’s who can learn a new language ve…ry quickly very smartwith languages , but cannot interact well with people and oftensays things without thinking. Someone who has Asperger’s syndrome might display the followingcharacteristics: He or she will saythings like, “You look really fat today,” and not realize thatsaying that will hurt another person. He or she tends not tounderstand this, and it will need to be explained to him or herfactually and logically, not emotionally. This is because theperson will often have problems with understanding emotions, evenhis or her own. In addition, Asperger’s syndrome is characterized by concrete andliteral thinking; obsession with certain topics; excellentmemories, and being “eccentric.

Aspergers and Depression: What Everybody Should Know

Their intimate life with their loved one in marriage is private. If the relationship also contains heartbreaking secrets and deprivation, then it is harder to mention it to anyone else. The reality of an NT-AS relationship is that there will be many idiosyncrasies. In her research on sex in NT-AS relationships Maxine Aston found that fifty per cent of the couples reported, that there was no sexual activity within their relationship.

But there are also problems in relationships with two neurotypical partners, right?

Intimacy and Romance in NT-AS relations. From early childhood, people with Asperger’s syndrome are less likely to recognize and understand thoughts, beliefs, desires and intentions of other people in order to make sense of their behaviour. I have been dating/was dating a man with Aspergers for one year. This was my first romantic.

This may make them seem insensitive, although that is rarely the case. A significant, ongoing impairment in social interactions with others, as demonstrated by at least two of the following symptoms: Significant difficulty in the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors such as the lack of eye contact, few facial expressions, awkward or clumsy body postures and gestures Failure to develop friendships with other children of the same age Lack of spontaneous seeking to share enjoyment, interests, or achievements with other people e.

For example, a child who shows little or no reaction, feelings, or empathy to another child talking with them. Restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, and activities, as shown by at least one of the following symptoms: A significant and encompassing preoccupation or obsession with one or two restricted topics, that is abnormal either in intensity, subject or focus such as baseball statistics or the weather Seemingly inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals that serve little purpose Repetitive motor mannerisms.

For example, hand or finger flapping or twisting, or complex whole-body movements. A persistent preoccupation with parts of objects 3.

Asperger Syndrome

Keep a Dream Journal As soon as you wake up from a dream, write down every little thing you can remember about it. Supposedly by writing it down, your brain recognizes certain patterns that only occur in a dream since most dreams are immediately forgotten and if they are on paper, you can recall them easily. Think about exactly what you want to dream right before you fall asleep. For instance you’ve probably fallen asleep watching MythBusters before and immediately dreamed you were flying through the air, using a giant version of Jamie’s mustache as a hang glider.

Men and women with Asperger’s tend to differ about what they want from dating. Asperger’s men often seek partners who compensate for their shortcomings, such as their social awkwardness, their focus on routines, and their trouble expressing emotions.

He is a very, very smart, attractive guy who can be the kindest person I know He is completely detached from me and our young daughter, and after five years of marriage, we have had sex maybe 20 times, and have not had any sexual contact even so much as a “real” kiss in 18 months. While this is devastating to me, my husband seems totally unaffected by it, and now I guess I understand why I’m the one that wants it, not him. With no history of depression or anything like it, the isolation and constantly being blamed for everything wrong with the marriage, and having every little thing about me picked apart daily, I spiraled into a major depression that I am just finding my way out of.

Having discovered Asperger’s, I have been able to let go with God’s help of so much of the hurt and resentment that wouldn’t leave because the heartbreaking events were almost daily. I really do see my husband in a different light, and it is helping me to cope for the time being.

How to Know if You Have Asperger’s Syndrome: 3 Steps

April 2, Like people with autism, people with Asperger’s syndrome have a dreadful time understanding what is going on, socially. There are some claims that what makes them different from people with autism is a greater desire to interact. Unfortunately, they have very little idea how to make friendship work. Their approach is awkward and one-sided, and reflects a lack of understanding that the other person in the exchange has needs and wishes that have to be taken into account, too.

This is a safe place for people with & without Asperger’s Syndrome to discuss the Disorder. We welcome everyone who would like to discuss as long as you follow the rules below. Dating someone with Asperger’s (ers) I was dating a guy who had Asperger’s for a bit and he stopped trying to work out our communication issues.

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Calling all Christians with Aspergers Syndrome

What you are experiencing is a different sort of emotional struggle, i. So the basis of this article is to guide you though the realities of what to expect from yourself and your abuser post dissolution. If you were fortunate enough to escape without children involved, then the necessity to utilize coping skills will be very temporary, because you truly have nothing that binds or commits one another.

Comparatively speaking, where post-dissolutions of marriage between two healthy personalities can work through issues, the unhealthy, high conflict personalities post dissolution always tend to remain in never-ending drama. This is due in part to the healthy personality not establishing solid boundaries from their former abuser.

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But sadly, these are subjects that I feel we have a responsibility to talk about. Although often done unknowingly- hence the article title- these habits have the potential to do harm. Rather importantly, this is not specifically a guide for parents. The assumption is made, often without the speaker realising, that since the autistic person is looking away in silence, they must not be listening.

For the record, people do this with babies and very young children too. I would say the same applies. When I worked in special education, on principle I always talked to the nonverbal students.

My girlfriend has aspergers

You feel like you are going crazy. They turn everything around. They will make you feel like you are the one that is going crazy instead of them. You might become paranoid. You might worry about what you wear and what you say and freak out if someone changes your plans or something unexpected happens that you will have to explain later.

Jul 30,  · Featured Help for Dating Someone with High Functioning Autism Discussion in ‘Love, Relationships and Dating‘ started by LisaJoy, If there is a problem, don’t try to give hints. It is better to communicate verbally to someone with Asperger Syndrome Asperger’s & Autism Forum.

Autism in Teenage Years Most experts do a great job of presenting the problems teens with autism in teenage years face during their adolescence. This two-part article gives parents some important tips and suggestions. Part 1 presents problems. Part 2 gives suggestions that have worked for parents of teens with ASD. Of course, this is not true of every teen as some do extremely well, typically dependent on the level of acuity on the autism scale as well as intervention techniques used to help the child.

Children with ASD can often be indifferent to what others think allowing them to be ambivalent to the intense peer pressure of adolescence. They can show incredible focus leading them to become accomplished musicians, historians, mathematicians, etc.

Dating a Person with ADHD

Asperger’s Syndrome is a High Functional form of Autism which is a life long disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world. Males are diagnosed with asperger Syndrome at a rate of times higher then females, Asperger effects about 1 in people. Asperger Syndrome is commonly referred to as a form of “high-functioning” autism. Individuals with Asperger’s are considered to have a higher intellectual capacity while suffering from a lower social capacity. Asperger syndrome is mostly a ‘hidden disability’.

This means that you can’t tell that someone has the condition from their outward appearance.

On the other hand, dating someone without Asperger’s Syndrome has its difficulties, but has the potential for blossoming into a wonderful relationship when you compassionately recognize one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

I tend to think that this doesn’t make my faith particularly easy. For those of you who don’t know, Aspergers is a mild variant of Autism, a condition which can affect one’s capacity to effectively relate with other people. Generally speaking, it’s hard to read non-verbal cues, and to feel empathy for the perspectives and feelings of other people.

Recently, I made the conscious discovery that I don’t experience God in the way that most people do. While people can feel God’s awesome presence and majesty, I don’t know what that’s like. I just don’t feel it. Most of the time when I’m praying, I don’t really feel the sensation of communicating with someone else. I’m talking, and that’s it. Perhaps some of you may be led to believe that I don’t experience an authentic faith, but merely an intellectual understanding of the gospel.

But it’s not like that at all. The thing is I do have a relationship with God. I pray, and I can observe His influence in my life. I can observe Him answering my prayers. And while I feel awkward when others get lovey-dovey about their God, using and experiencing superlatives about his character, I do know that He is the Creator, and while I don’t necessarily feel it – this is something which must make him awesome.

Dating Someone with Asperger Syndrome: Asperger’s or Just an A-hole?