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Czech Republic

Jamal Al Jamale 56, died this afternoon following the blast The Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic has died after an explosion at his apartment in Prague. Ambassador Jamel al-Jamal was taken to hospital with serious injuries from the blast this morning and put in a medically induced coma, but died this afternoon. The year-old diplomat was in the flat with his family at the time of the explosion.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said the explosion occurred when the ambassador was moving an old office safe box.

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Ancient Bohemia[ edit ] Bohemia, like neighbouring Bavaria , is named after the Boii , who were a large Celtic nation known to the Romans for their migrations and settlement in northern Italy and other places. Another part of the nation moved west with the Helvetii into southern France, which was one of the events leading to the interventions of Julius Caesar’s Gaulish campaign of 58 BC.

The emigration of the Helvetii and Boii left southern Germany and Bohemia a lightly inhabited “desert” into which Suebic peoples arrived, speaking Germanic languages, and became dominant over remaining Celtic groups. To the south, over the Danube, the Romans extended their empire, and to the southeast in Hungaria, were Sarmatian peoples.

In the area of modern Bohemia the Marcomanni and other Suebic groups were led by their king Marobodus , after suffering defeat to Roman forces in Germany. He took advantage of the natural defenses provided by its mountains and forests. They were able to maintain a strong alliance with neighbouring tribes including at different times the Lugii , Quadi , Hermunduri , Semnones , and Buri , which was sometimes partly controlled by the Roman Empire , and sometimes in conflict with it, for example in the second century when they fought Marcus Aurelius.

In late classical times and the early Middle Ages , two new Suebic groupings appeared to the west of Bohemia in southern Germany, the Alemanni in the Helvetian desert , and the Bavarians Baiuvarii.


Eventually, this federation would spread north and south to conquer the Two Lands of the Nile and become the 1st Dynasty. In the south, a cult of Horus the Elder formed around Edfu and Neken and grew into its own state. Just north of Neken, in the bend of the great river, the living god was a goddess, Hathor, the consort of Horus.

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Hidden in forests or standing on hilltops, the crumbling landmarks are a striking reminder of the passage of time as well as great subjects for pictures. Here are five of the more interesting ruins to visit this fall when autumn ambiance is at an all time high. Because the 14th century ruin is somewhat secluded, you will probably want to get close to get some of the better shots.

Check this link and choose the one best for you. In fact it is the largest ruin in Bohemia. It still possesses most of its original exterior walls, palace and tower, dating from between the 13th century for the central portion and the 15th century for the external fortifications. The sheer size of the structure and the surrounding wooded hills presents lots of opportunities for sweeping panoramas.

To get up close though, you will have to pay an admission which can include a guide depending on what part you want to see, though only the exteriors can be photographed.

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The history of the castle began in when its first walled building, the Church of the Virgin Mary , was built. Wenceslas in the first half of the 10th century. The first convent in Bohemia was founded in the castle, next to the church of St.

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If the dead are in a state of unconsciousness or sleep awaiting the resurrection, how do we explain the apparent communication with the dead that is commonplace in many modern religious movements of the past and the present? The worship of ancestors is common in many cultures, and the New Age movement claims communion with spirit beings.

In Biblical times, King Saul consulted the witch of Endor and supposedly communicated with Samuel who had been dead for some time. These issues need clarification.

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Prague Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has long attracted artists and wandering spirits, although it was originally inhabited by prehistoric fish. Their inland sea filled the basin contained by the Tatras and Carpathian mountains, but when it eventually dried up they were forced to yield the terrain to dinosaurs, wooly mammoths and Neanderthals. In human times the Celtic tribes came to reside here, leaving remains dating back to the 4th Century B.

Their tribal name, Boii, gives the root of the word “Bohemia”.

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Prague as a major destination of visitors arriving in the Czech Republic, with its appeal of architectural monuments of all styles, the traditional hospitality of its people and the excellent beer served by Czech pubs, as well as the remarkable mix of Czech, German and Jewish cultures, is considered one of the most beautiful cities, and not just in Europe. For lovers of historical monuments, Prague is, literally, a paradise. The Lesser Quarter boasts a profusion of intimate corners and pleasant restaurants; fine burghers houses blend with splendid aristocratic palaces and charming gardens here.

When exploring the remains of the former Jewish town, its synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery or the extensive collections of the Jewish Museum one of the most valuable to be found in Europe , you are certain to experience a mysterious spiritual atmosphere. The Charles Bridge, the most beautiful promenade site in Prague, is alive with street artists and musicians. More about Prague Prague is a city of very high standards, offering both historical and modern conference venues, hotels, restaurants and places of interest.

Prague — the capital of the Czech Republic situated on both banks of the Vltava river is a beautiful city with a rich history. Thanks to its location in the centre of Europe, Prague has always been an important crossroads of trade and culture. In the course of its thousand-year history, Prague has always been the political, cultural, and business centre of the country. Visitors find themselves enjoying a living museum of European architecture from Romanesque time to the present.

Prague has 1, , inhabitants and stretches over approximately square kilometres. The dominant feature of the city is Prague Castle, which houses the gothic St. The castle had been the seat of Czech kings since , until when it became the seat of presidents of the Czechoslovak Republic, and since it has been the seat of the president of the Czech Republic. Prague has one of the oldest universities in Europe; the Charles University which was founded in

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The very center of Vienna is one of the most beautiful things that you can see in the world. Called by many The City of Music, due to the fact that it has given birth to numerous famous classical musicians, Vienna is so much more than that, actually. The very cultural heritage that has accumulated in this Austrian capital city over thousands of years is what gives it a remarkable feel which can only be experienced firsthand. There is so much to see and do in Vienna that it is easy for a person to get lost.

Wonders of Prague. likes. Private tours in Prague with enthusiastic, knowledgeable tour guides who will taylor make your visit. Pieces of Paradise. Travel Company. Words, Wishes and Wonders. Entertainment Website. See More triangle-down; Dating back to 4. Czechoslovakia does not exist anymore. We split peacefully in January.

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Prague is not the most crowded or complicated city in the world by any means but its winding streets and various numbered districts can make navigation a little confusing for the uninitiated.

Spiritism – or the communication with the dead by the living – is not valid as the dead are in a state of unconsciousness. Any communication of this sort is through an evil spirit.

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