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Or is it the reality that the people in those old-timey photographs are long dead? These 14 historical images however, take creepy up a notch. Not only because they look extra spooky, the stories behind them are absolutely hair-raising as well. Finnish fighters propped up this body of a frozen Soviet soldier to scare off Soviet troops. He planted a total of 33 bombs in public places, 22 of which were detonated. Shockingly, and fortunately, only 15 people were injured.


Layer III — The Hd samples are from charcoal in the fill of the lowest levels of the site and would date the end of the active phase of occupation of Level III – the actual structures will be older. The Ua samples come from pedogenic carbonate coatings on pillars and only indicate the time after the site was abandoned—the terminus ante quem. In the north, the plateau is connected to a neighbouring mountain range by a narrow promontory. In all other directions, the ridge descends steeply into slopes and steep cliffs.

Excavations have taken place at the southern slope of the tell, south and west of a mulberry that marks an Islamic pilgrimage, [13] but archaeological finds come from the entire plateau.

Men and women with highly symmetrical faces tend to have more lovers to choose from. Additionally, men with symmetrical faces begin to have sex four years earlier, have more sex, and have more affairs than their lopsided peers.

The remains of the dead, and particularly the Christian dead, had lost their usual protections under Roman law. The remains of Peter and Paul may have been removed temporarily from their original tombs in order to preserve them from desecration by the Romans. They may have been removed secretly by night and hidden in the Catacombs of S. Sebastiano in AD, being returned to their original tombs in when Valerian’s reign ended.

Peter’s Basilica When the Church was once more at peace under Constantine the Great , Christians were able at last to build edifices suitable for the celebration of Mass. The resting places of the relics of the Apostles were naturally among the first to be selected as the sites of great basilicas. The emperor supplied funds for these buildings. The altar of the Basilica was planned to be located directly over the tomb. The matter was complicated by the upper chamber or memoria above the vault.

This upper chamber had become endeared to the Romans during the ages of persecution, and they were unwilling that it should be destroyed. Above that was the main floor of the Basilica, with the raised altar directly over the Chapel of the Confession. The Book of Popes details certain adornments that Constantine apparently added to Saint Peter’s tomb at this time. John Lateran since at least the ninth century, alongside the skull of Saint Paul.

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Have I missed any? Feel free to add your own. The Derby Paulista is among the 10 greatest classics of the world. No other classic has decided so many major championships. There have been books written and movies shot about this rivalry, including a version of Romeo and Juliet where Palmeiras and Corinthians take the place of the Montagues and Capulets.

Both teams have played a big part in developing South American football, and are respected in the Americas and worldwide, despite their recent lack of international success.

Source: Another allegedly cursed rock can be found near the Irish town of Cork. A kiss on the Blarney Stone is said to be good luck, but removing any piece of the stone will bring the curse of bad luck into your life.

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Share Shares Match. But what of the atypical markets? Are there homes for them? These ten sites are a pretty good indication that there is room for us all. This site recently took off in America and was like a rash over popular radio station commercial breaks and contains the tagline:

May 08,  · Re: Listverse: “10 alleged discoveries that suggest giants existed” I’ve always found the stories about giants fascinating, but all too often the evidence .

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Ancient cities that are still inhabited

Let’s take a whistle-stop tour of the evolution of social media. Why is social media so popular? Social media taps into these primal needs of human beings and it should come as no surprise that social media sites and social media apps are so popular today. But there is more to them than that.

Oct 02,  · 10 Chilling Serial Killer Quotes That Show They Had No Remorse – Listverse Quite possibly the worst boob job you will ever see (nsfw) – Ehowa Related Posts.

The history of mysterious Malta is the history of the entire Mediterranean—and beyond. Ancient Origins In , the Knights of St. John discovered two ornamental pillars known as the Cippi of Melqart in the village of Marsaxlokk. The pillars contained engravings that allowed linguists to unlock the ancient and mysterious Phoenician language.

The cippi honored Melqart, the Phoenician god of life and death. The Cippi of Melqart were carved into white marble and stand 1 meter 3.

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I have been tired and just not in the mood. We all have that feeling sometimes now and then I guess. Anyways, I were reading some lists on listverse. Both with people on the chat and people in real life. So I will never know if this is a bad or good subject.

reality blurred is your guide to the world of reality TV and unscripted entertainment, with reality show reviews, news, and analysis. It was created in by Andy Dehnart. He’s still writing and.

Archaeological sites show that murder has been with us since the very beginning of human history. Some murders have taken decades to solve, but thanks to modern technologies like DNA testing and the genius of sometimes creative detectives, murderers are becoming increasingly easy to catch, try, and bring to justice. Contrary to popular belief, there is no real archetype for even a serial murderer, no generic composition of traits we can safely assume cause or correlate with serial murder, let alone singular murder,[1] which is strikingly terrifying when we stop and think about the possibility that the tendency to murder lies within us all.

Am I capable of murder? This means investigators have to work extra hard, sometimes coming up with strange and unusual methods and tools to aid in their process of catching killers. Here are ten murderers who were caught using some unusual methods. He was a rabid white supremacist and neo-Nazi who looked up to Joseph Goebbels, the nefarious Nazi who killed his own children with suicide capsules. He started off with minor assaults, using pepper spray on people of color, and then graduated to robbery and eventually murder, using a hunting rifle as his tool of the trade to claim the lives of over 20 people and injure more.

On October 8, , Franklin would commit the crime that he would later be sentenced to die for, when he climbed a telephone pole by hammering centimeter 10 in nails into the pole, setting up a makeshift gun rest, and firing, killing a man who was leaving a synagogue. But Franklin would mark a major change in the way criminals were captured by being one of the first notable serial killers to be caught by using criminal profiling Franklin was able to evade detection for a few years, until a police officer noticed his gun in his car and pulled him over, ultimately arresting him.

He was brought in for questioning on warrants but escaped police custody. However, the FBI had their man, or so they were pretty certain from the profile at the time.

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